Thursday, February 16, 2006

Christmas in Ottawa - My website’s visitors, where are you?

My Christmas Countdown in Ottawa site is not a website to sell stuff. Well, I shouldn’t be worrying about how many people will visit it. But it would be nice if hundreds or thousands of people visit my site daily.

So, after I created my first Christmas Countdown in Ottawa 2001 site, I followed advices to register my site to all search engines I knew. Then, I linked to all Christmas Web Rings I found. Third, I linked to two other diary sites to try to increase my site’s exposures.

I thought I got myself well prepared for tons of visitors. When I checked how many people came to my site, it was a shocking low number. I received a lot of traffic when all Web Rings’ owners checked on my site before they approve Christmas Countdown in Ottawa 2001 to join their Web Rings. After that, it looked like only my sisters, some of my friends and I visited my site.

In 2002, I tried to improve my website’s content to attract more visitors. But I still didn’t get that many hits. Now that I haven’t up-date my Christmas Countdown in Ottawa site for years, of course, no one visits it. The hit counter of this site is around 3,800 hits just like the hit count I had two or three years ago.

According to internet expects, one of the main strategies to increase traffic is to make sure your website or web page is on the first page of any search result. Or, preferably within the top three of any search result. Since I haven’t been getting any traffic, my site must be listed in search result number two millions, perhaps. When I did my own internet search for my Christmas Countdown in Ottawa site, I was extremely surprised for its ranking.


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