Wednesday, February 15, 2006

New blog in the block - Christmas in Ottawa

Hello, everyone! Yes, yes, I know it is February now. I should talk about events like up-coming St. Patrick’s Day or Easter or anything else except Christmas. But Christmas is always a happy time for me. I love to sing Christmas songs at all times. Well, people working around me hate me for that, though. Ha, ha ha.

I think of Christmas now because I decided to renew my Christmas Countdown in Ottawa website. In 2001, I created my first website Christmas Countdown in Ottawa 2001. This site has daily Christmas songs to listen to / to sing-a-long with while counting down to the Christmas Day. It took me a long time to create this site. There are so many things I can improve in it, specially, I know more about how to create a better website. But I choose not to. I would like to see my improvement through various editions of my “Christmas Countdown in Ottawa” websites years after years.

In 2002, I tried to create two different Christmas Countdown in Ottawa websites - Christmas Countdown Web Site 2002 for January to November and Christmas Countdown in Ottawa 2002 for December. Well, a lot of things happened. So, the first one was only continued for several months. The second one has Christmas carols through out the Christmastide.

More unexpected things happened in 2003 to 2005. My Christmas Countdown in Ottawa website was not even been up-dated. Now, I want to start renewing my site to the 2006 edition. I would like to share joy and happiness through music with everyone. I wish everyone a safe, happy and healthy 2006.


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