Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Christmas in Ottawa - My unexpected Google ranking

Everyone wants his / her website to be the first site at any search engine result. I am no different. Driven by my curiosity, I googled my Christmas Countdown in Ottawa site. To my surprise, my site was number two on over 151,000 websites!!!!! Number one site was a web-ring I joined years ago.

Oh my God! How could it be? I didn’t update my site for years. How come? So, I typed the same 4 words - Christmas Countdown in Ottawa - to do Google Japan, Yahoo Japan and MSN Japan search. The result was unbelievable.

My Christmas Countdown in Ottawa site claimed the number one spot in Google Japan over 151,000 websites; the number one spot in Yahoo Japan over 91,300 websites and the number one spot in MSN Japan over 22,166 websites from world website search.

This is just too good to be true. What did I do to get this kind of excellent result? Well, I submitted my Christmas Countdown in Ottawa site to Yahoo and joined all the related web-rings I could found. Google and MSN Japan just happened to have my site listed.

Oh, in case you have never visited my Christmas Countdown in Ottawa site before, I also did my search on all the Japanese search engines because this site is a bilingual one written in English and Japanese.

Wait a second, with this unbelievable result, did I get tons of visitors to my site? The answer is NO. What I did was just some so-called experts would be able to help you – found keywords that nobody uses and made your site filled up with these keywords. Without other competing websites, of course, your site will be number one ranking in Google, Yahoo, MSN and more.

So, in order to get visitors to my site, I need to know the keywords they use for website search. What are the keywords they use? If I know, you will see me selling E-books for secrets of success.


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